“Living well & beautifully & justly are all one thing.” –SOCRATES

I believe that the most direct reflection of an individual’s personality and style is communicated by ones home. Expense and size are no indication of taste or style. Your home should be the core of who YOU are and provide comfort to you both physically and emotionally. Each time you return home, it should wrap its arms around you with its smell, aesthetic, and cherished belongings collected because they appeal to your lifestyle and taste while diarizing your life experiences. Home is, after all, YOUR nest.

Antiques, owing to their heritage and less mainstream, artisanal craftmanship, are my specialty although I prefer to marry them with the new for a fresh, un-stodgy, eclectic result. I am able to identify with sensibilities ranging from old world traditional to bohemian chic to modern mid-century sleek.

It is my desire to be receptive to catering to YOUR style. It is a delight to shop, edit, and acquire off beat and beautiful pieces for the shops covering the range from furniture, home accessories, stationery, books, linens, vintage clothing and jewelry. I hope that you will enjoy my “finds” and perhaps provide them with a happy home for years to come.

Given our increasingly homogenous retail community, my objective is to offer unique pieces to unique people whose style isn’t a mirror image of the mass trend. MAXWELL’S 9.13.34 is a tiny eclectic studio in Hoboken. This website has been created to catalog what is available to you should you be in search of specific items or wish to shop from the comfort of home.

Be it in person or online, I hope to serve you in your quest of making yours not just a house, but your home.

Deb Maxwell