Deb Maxwell shops for unique and beautiful artisanal pieces to showcase in the shops with hopes they'll be adopted by those who appreciate craftmanship and a non-mainstream aesthetic. The Maxwell's shops are the catalyst to sharing the diligently sought out, edited, eclectic mix. We are an eclectic retail outpost. This is our first priority, it is what we do & love doing! The two venues we offer are as follows:

(Please refer to CONTACT section for address & store hours.)

Maxwell's carriage house studio is located just off Washington Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets on the historic Belgian cobblestone alley, Court Street. The lovely shop is discreetly tucked away on the European style mews and is identified by welcoming red framed glass doors.

In addition to the range of products represented on this site, there is an extensive selection of vintage & fine costume jewelry in the shop. There is a hair accessory collection and heirloom quality gift selection plus whatever the mood dictates.

Should the studio hours not accommodate your schedule, by appointment (in advance) arrangements may be made by contacting Deb Maxwell. This e-commerce site is at your disposal 24/7 for those too busy to make it to the shop during normal business hours.


Because inventory is merchandised in an eclectic manner, this website catalogues the range of what is available into one central platform.

It is our hope that this will serve as a convenient resource where you can check out what's new, shop for gifts, search for specific items you're "on the hunt" for, and shop at your leisure 24/7.

Execution is of the highest priority, so we'll do our very best to get your selections packaged and shipped expediently to your specification. 



This is a personalized service dedicated to the TOP STOREFRONT CLIENTELE who have met the minimum expenditure through purchasing from the Maxwell's storefront(s) and are individuals with whom Maxwell's enjoys a synergistic style relationship.

Maxwell's is unable to buy items on behalf of individuals who have not met the personal shopping criteria and/or are not significantly active clients of the store front and/or website businesses.

Personal styling & shopping is a RETAINER BASED service available to top tier clientele of our business.  Should you qualify for wardrobe & accessory styling / personal shopping, our contractual retainer is $300.00 per hour.  In terms of pro bono style guidance for items you are contemplating purchasing outside of Maxwell's 9.13.34, this is not a service we provide. Hypothetically, if you were coveting items at Bergdorf Goodman, it would not be appropriate to consult with a sales professional at Bloomingdales on another shop's inventory.  It is our livelihood to assist you with selections from Maxwell's 9.13.34 inventory, & we are delighted to do so.  Should you wish to enlist our assistance in shopping at other retailers for your wardrobe & accessories and are a significant client of our retail business, we may enter into a retained service hourly agreement.

Should you qualify for personal shopping &/or home staging services and have specific items you are in search of (i.e. Louis XV boudoir chair with a graphic illustration such as a photo), Deb Maxwell is happy to discuss the terms of these special services with you. These services carry an hourly fee starting at $150.00 and ranging to $300.00 per hour contingent upon the scope. Regretfully, having dedicated time to "pro bono" shopping & home staging for individuals looking to delegate these projects, Maxwell's has sacrificed valuable time rearranging home furnishings & accessories not acquired through Maxwell's inventory & has purchased items on behalf of defaulting individuals' requests. Having learned the hard way, a formal agreement with credible qualifying clients is prerequisite to Maxwell's shopping & home staging services.

If you are looking for "cool" or "interesting" items but cannot be definitive with your style, a personal shopping service will be more appropriate for you. If you are not yet defined as to what your style is, an interior decorator/designer may be the avenue to take.  If you wish
to someone assist you with personal styling and/or home decor shopping & are not a qualifying, active client of our shop, you may
be better suited to hire a personal shopping service.

- Appraisals... We are happy to share any
information we have on the heritage of
the items in our inventory. We are
sometimes asked as a favor our "opinion" on
the age & value of items purchased
elsewhere. Kindly refrain.
It is appropriate to hire an appraiser for
this information or defer to the merchant
from whom you purchased the items(s).

- Exchanges & returns.  We work too hard
to find these one-offs to keep a revolving door
on inventory.  Additionally, with photography &
keeping the e-commerce site up to date we
cannot re-shoot & re-list returns / exchanges.

- Layaways & "set aside" requests.  We need
to keep our inventory available to our purchasing
clientele & do not "set aside" the treasures.

- Special orders absent of a 50% minimum deposit.

- Bartering. This is not of our mentality. Our
preference is to buy goods we seek out rather
than feel obliged to swap something. We
prefer to pay for goods & services through
our credible network of resources. Our
clients are of the same school of thought.

- Consignment Sales.  We are not a consignment/thrift shop.

- Buy/take in casts offs from "Walk-Ins"/"I
Have" calls.
We have a wealth of resources and do not
wish to take in cast offs. Despite our
eclectic cross-category
merchandising style, we are inspired by our
precious, supportive clients & what we
love. We are not a recepticle for what you
want to get out of your house.
Please be thoughtful and consider a
a charitable donation to a cause of your
choice or look for alternate businesses
that promote "we buy". We love our
active & supportive clients. We enjoy
a wealth of credible resources. Despite
our philosophy we receive roughly a dozen
"I have" phone calls per day. 99.9% of these
calls come from those who have never set foot
in our shop or been supportive clientele of
what we do. Dropping in with "stuff" is awkward
& disruptive to business at hand or being asked
simply to look at or hear about what "you have"
is not productive use of the time we value.  We do
not make offers, provide free appraisals or relinquish
time to hearing the verbal description of
what you have and its history. Regretfully,
there are not enough hours in the day to
dedicate precious time to those we hear from
only when they need something.

-"Sift through Grandma's/Mom's jewelry box or house"
& let me know what's good & what's not.  We value
our time & because we shop at certain shops doesn't
imply we'd ever ask the owner to sift through our
closet & tell us what is good or not regardless of
where we purchased (or inherited) the contents.
We are not a "store with benefits".  We're just a
shop that buys from our resources & sells to our
lovely clientele without favor strings attached.

-"Be on the look out for...." requests are a
close tie to the "I have" calls. We buy what
we love & are not pro-bono personal shoppers.
Think of it this way... I go to a shop that
sells jeans. They don't have a pair that is
exactly what I want. I tell the owner to
find me the perfect jeans for I-me-me. She
spends her precious time finding a pair she
THINKS I'D LIKE, takes pictures, sends me the
info., and in the end, I say... "Gee, this
really wasn't what I had in mind". I've
taken entitlement to her precious time &
business resources. See the analogy?

- Repairs. This is not a jeweler/repair shop.
Vintage jewelry is sold on an "as found"
basis and sometimes requires being
restrung, dry glue causes stones to fall
out, etc.. We see it like old shoes. If
the soles require replacement, we go to the
shoe repair. Durable new or reproduction
jewelry is the best alternative for those who
are not of this mind set.  With new & artisan goods,
the same policy applies.  We are not a high ticket
store & operate on a lean margin.  High ticket cars
don't come with a lifetime warranty.  Sometimes 
things wear out or break.  Jeans sometimes split.
Our price points don't command repairs.

- Bring clients to buying trips/appointments.
Our resources are a proprietary, private component
of our business.

- Pro bono **Home Staging/Interior Decorating/
Design Services.

- Personal Shopping Services**(**Exception is for
top storefront supportive qualifying clients
who have met the purchase history threshold
criteria & have entered into an engagement
agreement containing the project scope and
hourly fee. Personal shopping & home
staging rates start at $150.00 per hour
when movers are provided by client &
$300.00 per hour when Maxwell's
provides hired assistants to
physically move furniture &
Deb Maxwell provides the
home staging direction; however, bases
the hourly rate on whether the client
provides physical labor assistance or
Maxwell's is enlisted to do so.